Early Online Release of new paper in JPO

Our paper highlighting the mismatch between Eulerian and surface drifter statistics in the submesoscale range in the Gulf of Mexico is now available through the Journal of Physical Oceanography. The early online release is available here.

Key Points:

  • Drifters tend to cluster into regions of convergence, such as fronts, windrows, or ‘zipper’ structures.
  • The goal of the paper is to identify if this preferential sampling biases second and third order velocity structure functions.
  • We use simulations from the Regional Ocean Modeling System at 500m resolution and synthetic trajectories found with LTRANS v2b. to make the direct comparison.
  • The results of our work show clear biases at the submesoscale, but agreement with the Eulerian statistics at scales above 10km.
  • Based on the PDF analysis of Choi et al 2017 and our divergence and curl structure functions, we attribute difference between the structure functions to preferential sampling of drifter zones.



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