Good Scientific Practices

  1. How to write effective manuscripts. [link, link, link, link]
  2. Giving effective presentations. [link]
  3. Making simple but illustrative scientific figures. [link]
  4. Remembering that we aren’t supposed to know it all in science. [link]

Communicating Science

  1. The way we present our questions affects perception. [link]
  2. Visualization to help explain why Earth is warming. [link]
  3. NASA’s Perpetual Ocean. [link]
  4. NASA aerosol video. [link].
  5. What is a climate model? [link]
  6. The weather of 2015. [link]
  7. Circulation of the Southern Ocean. [link]
  8. A little humor. [link,link]

The Mental and Physical Toll of Higher Education and Academia

  1. How graduate students fair: [link,link,link]

Teaching Materials

The are compilations of materials from courses I have taught, TAed, or just those I enjoy.

  1. Introduction to Oceanography [short, long]
  2. Geostatistics [long]

My Data and Codes

Data Websites

  1. NASA Earth Data Search [link]
  2. MODIS
  3. NOAA [link]
  4. ARGO Data Repository. [link]
  5. Global Drifter Array [link]
  6. USGODAE [link]
  7. NOMADS [link]